Monday, October 7, 2013

Pearl Pushes, Pet Rebels

Pearl pushed the envelope this morning and tried some boot-camp training tactics.  She went around the bed sounding the wake-up call starting at one o'clock, again at two o'clock, and continuing every hour on the hour until Pet finally responded at five a.m.  Pet was not happy; in fact, Pet was downright grumpy.  Pet shuffled down the hall, led by Pearl, but Pet decided that a rebellion was in order and put on the coffee before going to the treat drawer as demanded by Pearl, who continued to issue orders as if she were still in charge.  Whatever Pet had planned on writing today has gone out of her head.  The coffee has not yet kicked in and thought processes are slow.  Pearl is probably thinking up some kind of retaliation.  I don't care.  Sometimes a pet just has to take a stand.

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