Sunday, December 15, 2013


This is not the time of year to take a day off, but I sat on the sidelines yesterday with a pulled chest muscle.  I would gladly have handed off barn chores to any passing stranger, but no strangers passed.  I was very thankful that the girls came in for breakfast in orderly fashion; raking out stalls was as much effort as I could put forth and chasing down a recalcitrant goat was not on my wish list.  Animals and fowl fed and watered, I retreated to the house where the most active thing I did all day was stoke the wood stove.  I could hear Freddy Fender singing "Wasted Days" and felt bad about it, but not so bad that I did anything.  After a day of rest, it was easier to move when I put the kids to bed.  And yes, the turkeys were in the pen...again.

I'll be back in the game today, Coach.

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Kathryn said...

I bet the coach would say to just do the things you have to do and rest on the bench today too...the big game is a couple of weeks away and he needs ya healthy by then!