Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Old Dog, New Trick

Bessie Anne has taken on the job of teaching me a new trick.  It's nice to know she hasn't given up on me and thinks I'm still trainable.  This job is no small inconvenience as she'd rather sleep in and, in order for it to work properly, Bess has to get up with me in the morning and I keep rather erratic hours.  Regardless, for the sake of consistency, she follows me into the kitchen every day now.  Cat and dog both know that nothing happens until the coffee machine starts; that's a fact of life in my house.  Bess waits until she hears the click and then her work begins.  It's a little hard to describe her moon-walking, backward-stepping, butt-wiggling, head-shaking tap dance or how she maintains eye contact while going through these gyrations, but since it works every time, who am I to question her training methods?  Patiently, as soon as I take the first step in the right direction, Bessie leads me to the milk-bone box where I have learned to perform as requested and give her one treat, and only one.  In the beginning, I would ask, "This is what you want?  You want a milk bone at this hour?  Seriously?"  That I was slow on the uptake did not discourage her.  Another little dance convinced me that I was on the right track.  My reward for doing well is seeing her pleasure as she takes her treat to the dining room (which is where all ladies eat).  Starting the day with a success story is a good thing.

The turkeys were back in the goat pen last night.

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Kathryn said...

Ah-ha...Bessie is not unlike a donut-pie-or Danish-to-start-the-day kind of person, I would guess. But not everyone then goes to the dining room to eat the morning treat!! Perhaps, since Honey stole her stash that she had waiting beneath Pearl's bed, Bessie has learned to live for today! Good job learning the new trick...both of you!