Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hot and Cold

Turkeys in the goat pen have become a nightly thing.  Last evening they did at least have the courtesy not to block the path.  I tried to veer off or run ahead to get a shot that included the goats, but the girls either veered or ran with me (that herd instinct), so all I got was their shadows as we paraded to the barn.

I am not ready to break out the bikinis, but it did get up into the 50s yesterday.  (Mornings are still freezing and below.)  I had to make a trip into town and was a bit concerned about the roads.  While the pen has melted off, there is still snow in many areas of the yards and on the deck.  Down in Diamond Springs, two guys with shovels were clearing the sidewalks at WalMart, a week after the snowfall.  A couple of places on Bucks Bar get dicey when icy so it was a slower trip than usual, but I wanted to get home before the temp dropped and I almost made it.  The deeper snow in the shade at the bottom of the driveway had frozen again when I got to the house and tires just spun.  Four-wheel drive saved the day.  Groceries stayed in the truck while I hurried to get the goats tucked in while it was still light and closed the doors on the coops.  Priorities, you know.  Unloaded the truck, threw a log on the fire, handed Bessie a treat, and gave a great sigh.  It's good to be home.

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Kathryn said...

Your driveway portion of the blog transported me immediately back to my time spent in Ohio. It was a new experience for this Southern California born and bred gal to learn the ropes of driving in snow and the slippery stuff. Hope all ice melts so you can have carefree trips to town for the rest of the winter.