Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Days

Woke up yesterday to a white, white world.  It had started snowing the night before.  I didn't hear it (funky hearing loss from this blasted cold), but there had to be a pretty good wind out of the south that covered the satellite dishes in snow, so no television and no internet access (still no television).

Bessie Anne bounds around in the snow like a puppy.  As shaggy as her back is, she has never had any hair on her belly; just the thought of it makes me shiver.  Back on the porch, her legs are covered in icy snowballs.  I brush them off as best I can, she chews off others, and the rest melt on the rug.  Pearl has not left the house for days, deigning to use the indoor "latrine" provided.

I stopped counting at thirty-six.  The contrast of the dark turkeys in the snow was striking.  They stood like statues (frozen turkeys?) in the vineyard as I made my way up the hill after milking.  The tribe later cruised through my yards, looking for seed and water.  With the onset of snow, it is actually warmer than the days before and while slushy, the troughs and bowls were not frozen.

So far, so good with the power.  The wood stove had been stoked all day so the living room was cozy last night.  (Heat does not turn corners, so down the hall to the bedroom, not s'much.)  Bess and Pearl are in their next-to-best favorite winter hangout.  The best is when we are all in the recliner together.

Not much has melted, so it looks like a rerun of yesterday outside.  Doesn't look like more snow this morning, although the clouds to the southeast are pretty dark.  If I miss another entry here, be patient; the sun will shine again!

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Kathryn said...

"The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" is running through my head. Glorious pictures, by the way. And good one with "Frozen Turkeys!" Glad you are back.