Friday, December 27, 2013

New Money

It's no secret how I feel about shopping; I'd rather take a beating.  I would go window shopping only if I were in the market for a window.  Cruise the malls?  Seriously?!  A friend was describing something recently and said, "You know, just like Starbucks."  I did not know.  I've never been in a Starbucks.  I do not do debit cards and save the credit card for true emergencies.  Checks and currency of the realm are used to make purchases.  All of this is leading to the fact that I found a crisp dollar bill amongst the change hurriedly shoved in my pocket in my rush to get out of the store on my last shopping expedition.  New money always makes me smile.

In the early days, one of my Kids (who shall remain nameless) was the family bank.  Frugal by nature, Kid saved allowances and gift money.  Kid was known to make loans to siblings, and even the father hit the Bank Of Kid a few times.  Loans were granted only on surrender of collateral:  piggy banks, a bicycle, something of substance.  (I believe the father's word was good enough for the loan department.)  Reneging was unthinkable; the bank would be closed to the offender forever and collateral forfeited.  Points were given if repayment was made with uncreased bills, i.e., new money.  It might be only family legend, but it has been said by reliable sources that Kid ironed wrinkled, old currency so that it stacked well.

I smoothed the dollar from my pocket and transferred it to my wallet.  New money makes me smile.

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Kathryn said...

I wish you had found a 20 in your pocket, but I'm glad the one even made you feel happy...and I loved the Kid story. Not sure I have ironed money, but have ironed tissue paper in my day!!