Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Playing Favorites

Favoritism has never been a problem with my Kids; each was and is my favorite, special in his or her own way.  When it comes to mice, however, I have to admit to partiality.  Psychologically, it has been proven that we are drawn to those who like us, and there is one mouse who gets more attention these days.  For some time, she (and it is a she) would bring a snack and sit a couple of feet from me and nibble as we looked each other in the eye.  I began to watch for her and she didn't disappoint.  Her coat is a little scruffy and I know why.  She has two small children (in people years, I'd say they are seven or eight) and they are hellions.  They race around in and out of the burrow, get in squabbles, and one is a total bully.  He has tried to snatch food from his mother and if his sibling should find a tidbit, Bully Boy immediately takes it away.  The breakfast buffet is across the room from Mama Mouse's house, a long way for such a tiny creature.  I've tried to make her life a bit easier by leaving Willy Wonka prizes (the biggest flakes of corn) by her doorstep.  That gives her some breathing space and more time to enjoy her meal while her rambunctious brood play tag, and I get to enjoy her company.  For the majority of mice, I squirt milk, I put down grain, and they're on their own.  Mama Mouse and I have bonded and, yes, she is my favorite.

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Kathryn said...

Aw...what a great Christmas Eve Mouse Tail-Tale! Do you suppose she would pose for a picture? I like mice, so I especially like this story!