Wednesday, February 26, 2014

High Notes

After a day dedicated to contracts for a short-term job (yay!), a phone interview for a second position, and computer work in general, it seemed only right to get Linda outdoors and finish on a high note.  What better way than to spend time with a lot of baby goats?  We picked up Camille and headed over to Bell Ranch Kikos where my friends Tim and Kathryn have a herd of well over a hundred adults and nearly thirty kids (so far).  Soft, bouncy, noisy, funny; baby goats are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  One would make you grin and a bunch of 'em will make you laugh out loud.

And how was my day?  It started while I was letting the chickens out of the coop in the morning and noticed a turkey drinking from a faucet that should not be dripping.  Since the doggone turkeys have taken over and are in and onto everything, it might be that one had landed on the handle and twisted.  No such luck.  The faucet must be replaced.  Even a trickle over time will run the well dry.  The feed store carries hardware also and with rain predicted, it was prudent to pick up grain at the same time as the new faucet.  Then came the fun stuff.  I located and dug up the console in the driveway where the lines run to outlying water pipes.  Unfortunately, the handle to the one line I needed to turn off would not turn.  I've only watched others change faucets so I had the general idea without the details.  Panicked at the thought of running out of water, I called Go-To Guy, who said he could come but not until nearly dark.  As I was explaining the situation to Linda, I had one of those "ah ha!" moments.  (Smack self on forehead.)  It was a simple matter to turn off the main water supply from the well and about three minutes to switch the faucets.  I cancelled the emergency call to Go-To.  Note to self:  don't make the call until thinking the problem through.

It really was a successful day.  Linda will be gainfully employed and I learned a new trade.  We deserved to celebrate on a high note with a bunch of bouncy kids.


Kathy V said...

Turn off electricity at well, too:)

Kathryn said...

I've seen videos of little kids playing and jumping and gamboling around and have loved those. I can just imagine the fun seeing them in person. And congrats to Linda on the job front!