Saturday, February 8, 2014

Under Cover

Not all here at Farview are as pleased as I to have the rain.  Nothing looks quite as pitiful as a goat huddled up against the barn wall outside with water dripping on her head.  I'm not as sympathetic as I might be because I left the play yard gate open and there are any number of other places the girls can go under cover.  The turkeys must be holed up somewhere in the woods; not one came for a handout yesterday, morning or evening.  Even the mice in the milking room were fewer in number.  Some of the regulars were lapping up milk and eating cereal, but I imagine most stayed in their diaper wipe-lined nests, pulling the covers up over their heads.  Only the little birds went about their business on a wet and dark day.

It is just first light this morning.  Hunger has overcome discomfort because I hear a flock of turkeys hurrying each other along as they come up the drive.  It is still raining, a good, steady rain, and a pretty stiff wind is kicking.  I hope there are leftovers from yesterday under the oak for them.  I'm not ready to go outside yet.  I want to get the fire going before leaving the house.  Bessie Anne is behind me on the bed, wrapped up under cover.

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