Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh Well

Another day of broken promise.  Bess and I sat on the deck after chores until the clouds covered the sun and it became too cold to enjoy being outside.  Obviously heavy with moisture, those clouds, beautiful though they were, did not release one drop of rain.

Tree Guy and Earle came in the afternoon to whittle away on the fallen trunk.  Getting it cut into manageable pieces is a lengthy process.  The tree was very old and the wood is dense and heavy.  Earle plans to plank it out for some project he has in mind and so needs chunks as long as possible and cut with the grain.  If not done carefully, it could end up as very expensive firewood and so TG is taking his time.  Leaving the men to their work, Bess and I went in to stay by the fire and warm up.

There's not even one cloud in the sky this morning.

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Kathryn said...

Well, Bummer! Mother Nature is such a tease. Hope she releases her bounty soon.