Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shop and Prep

With the deadline (that being today) looming, yesterday was a flurry of activity.  To do the big shopping means a forty-five minute drive down the hill.  I don't do that any more often than I have to.  Obviously, it's been awhile; there was some foofah hamburger that was over $7 a pound!  (I didn't buy it.)  Back in the '80s on a trip to Hawaii, I yelped because hamburger was a dollar a pound, double what it cost on the mainland.  I guess I have to get out more.

I'm going to enlist the boys' help today with a few chores.  There is an unused stall that needs to be called into service.  Steve built it to very close specs and as the building settled, the door stuck closed.  I haven't needed it, but now Cindy needs a room of her own.  As they did with poor Ruthie, the herd has taken to beating up on Cindy.  In the big room, someone bashed her into a door jamb and she's got a big hematoma on her side.  She's been sleeping in the gated playpen area, but needs a real room.  If the guys can get the door open and the frame planed, she will have one.  It will mean a change in the routine (always difficult) and one more stall to rake out, but it will make Cindy's life much better. 

Pies, pies, pies.  I'm about halfway done with the baking and must carry on.

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Kathryn said...

The foofah hamburger meat was probably grass-fed. Just ALL used to be grass fed!! Good luck with Cindy's bedroom and the pie fest!