Sunday, February 16, 2014

# Still Laughing

 Pie Fest 2014!

Pies were still in the ovens when the Kids arrived, so the work crews assembled and took care of some much needed repairs and other chores for me.  Left to right:  Larry and Susan, Katie, Sandra and Dave, Craig, Clay, and Deb.

 Left to right:  cherry, peach, buttermilk, butterscotch, lemon meringue, pecan, filo-wrapped drumsticks (Larry got a head start, being the official taste tester for the rest of us), blueberry-pineapple, and in the middle is a bowl of pico de gallo.  In front is a nearly invisible cappuccino ice cream pie covered in whipped cream (and a bare drumstick because we ran out of filo).

The reason (as if we needed one) for this get-together was a Christmas and combined birthday party so, of course, there were presents.  The boys were gifted with liquor-filled shot glasses and generously shared.  (This one's for you, Pete.)  Kids and cards just go together so we ate in the kitchen and left the dining room table for more important activities.  I don't tweet or toot or boop and beep, but Katie started the phrase-of-the-day with, "Hashtag, good call!"  It wasn't long before everyone was "hashtagging."  I wish there were a sound track to play because laughter is contagious, and there was constant laughter all day long.  The thing is, days with my Kids are never long enough for me.

The boys had nailed down that loose panel on the goat barn roof (good timing because it rained during the night), fixed a loose latch on Ruthie's door, and rehung the door to the empty stall.  I wasn't sure how bedtime would go, but needn't have worried.  Cindy went directly into her new room and gave a sigh of relief, "At last!"  Esther, Inga and Tessie had better get along.  I'm out of places to put cranky or picked-on individuals.

Leftovers packed up to go, hugs all around, and "Love you!" called out into the night.  Bess and I walked back into a very, very quiet house.  But listen.  There are still the echoes of laughing.

It was a wonderful day.

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Kathryn said...

Pie Fest 2014 sounds like a glorious day...I'm sure Cindy would agree!