Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WiFi and Wild Things

Two loads of laundry washed and hung before barn chores, it was time to start the day.  My schedule, such as it is, works out well for guests as it gives an opportunity for them to shower and leisurely ease into whatever comes next while I'm in the barn.  Back in the house, I brought Satomi out so as to assess her condition.  Trying to walk on the slick tiles of the laundry room was too difficult for the little hen.  In the living room, she appeared mesmerized by the pattern in the carpet and then took a few tentative steps.  Linda and I cheered her progress.  That scared Satomi and she splooped (silly me, did I think she wouldn't?).  It seems she can move pretty darned fast with enough incentive.  I finally caught her and put her back in the infirmary and cleaned up the carpet.  I'm thinking a few more days and she can rejoin her flock and she can finish her rehab outside.

I do have satellite computer service, but no WiFi and Linda needed to access her account.  We seem to be lucky for each other.  She is bringing rain in the next few days, and while here she has received not one but two job offers.  My neighbor had mentioned that The Pub had free WiFi, so Linda treated me to lunch there and she could tend to business.  It was a nice surprise when Camille dropped in and I could introduce my guest.

Bessie Anne enjoys company and plays the role of hostess well, but she has limits.  Guests generally sit in what Bess considers "her" chair.  In her best indoor voice, she asked Linda to move.  Linda didn't.  Reprimanded for raising her voice and being a bit more demanding, Bessie gave me the stink eye and, with a huge sigh, flopped down on the doggie bed. 

I also have limits and the turkeys are pushing the boundaries.  I do not begrudge them the wild bird seed I throw out in the morning.  They are, after all, wild birds, albeit a great deal larger than the sparrows and juncos I'd anticipated.  I even put down extra scratch in the chicken pen in the morning because the turkeys now intermingle with the hens for breakfast.  However, it was a bit much last night when two turkeys came out of the coop where they'd been snacking on the lay pellets reserved for the chickens.  I never dreamed the wild things would go into a building well-trafficked by humans.

Linda and I talked long into the night.  It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

So how do turkey eggs taste? I'd say there are yours for the grabbing if they are so bold as to dine "in the coop!" Glad Linda got her job offers! And it looks like your rain will extend all the way down to San Diego.