Friday, June 13, 2014

Man In the Moon

"I see the moon, the moon sees me...."  A full white moon was just cresting the hills in the east last evening as I topped off the goats' water trough, one of the last chores of the day.  If the moon did, indeed, see me, it was looking at a very satisfied woman at the end of a very productive day.

Dave drove up as I finished in the barn (and I'd started early).  We did a quick recon and went to work.  "We" is a term used loosely here, as my job was to step and fetch and try to stay out of Dave's way.  The day before, I'd purchased three storm doors to replace ones that were disintegrating after years of weather abuse, and Dave was drafted as the installer.  I'd had the forethought to recharge the battery for the cordless drill and stock supplies for lunch, the rest was up to him.

I hate, absolutely hate, going down to the shop to look for a specific anything.  Steve had a mysterious system of placement and he took the secret with him.  It took five years before I found nails, nails! for crying out loud.  The only way I find anything is when I'm looking for something else.  Case in point, while hunting for drill bits yesterday, I found the PVC parts (we have hundreds) I couldn't find when I needed one recently and had to buy new.  I found one size of bit, Dave found the other.  It's a guy thing.

We caught a break in that the day was considerably cooler, but the south end of the house gets the brunt of sun regardless.  Dave is a journeyman carpenter, so there were no mistakes, no misplaced holes or off-center handles.  I am an experienced helper and holder.  As if planned, the drill gun battery ran out of juice after the first door was in, perfect timing for a lunch break (nap included).  Recharged, it was back to work.  The second door went in much quicker than the first, but I won't say easier.  The third door will go on the feed room and will wait in the barn for another day.  I did ask Dave if he'd like me to "lose his number."  Finished with a job well done, Dave was able to ride off before the sun was too low in the west for safe driving.  I owe all my Kids such a huge debt of gratitude for help above and beyond.

Still jazzed about my new, great-looking storm doors and filled with enthusiasm, I got the deck plants watered and the west field mowed before evening chores.   Yup, the man in the moon looked down at a very happy woman at the end of a very good day.

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Kathryn said...

Oh I'm SO glad that the doors went smoothly. There is nothing worse than work like that, that can fraught with problems, but it sounds like Dave has the expertise to avoid them. We had cloud cover, of course, so I didn't see the moon, but I read that it is a "Honey Moon." (I haven't checked my sources.)