Monday, June 2, 2014


My personal angel yesterday was Alex in tech support (not with Sony).  I explained my tale of woe with the danged multiple remotes.

"No, no, no!  Is easy fix."
"Really?  You can do this?"
"Most certainly!"
"Then you will be my hero."
"I like be your hero."

Alex told me what buttons to push and in what order.  It took two minutes max.

"Work okay now?"
"Yes!  And I don't need the other remote at all?"
"Yay!  Put other remote in drawer.  You no need anymore."
"Alex, you are my knight in shining armor.  You've made my life so much easier."
"I like be knight.  You make my day."

And I shall live a happy life with one, only one, remote!  I spent the day watching NASCAR, ducking when the cars came toward me, able to read the numbers on their side, and having a whale of a time.  If you come looking for me, I'll be right there in front of the TV, one remote by my side.

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Kathryn said...

Oh, I'm SO glad. After I read your blog yesterday, I remembered that we were able to sync our particular TV with the Dish remote, and then we had ONE. Yay Alex (and Bo for following directions!)