Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday

TBT seems to be the rage on Facebook these days, so I'm adopting the idea for TVFFF (The View From Farview Farm).  No, not really; it's just that yesterday was one of those days without much in the way of blog fodder.  In my cycle of work hard one day and do nothing the next, it was a do-nothing day and I rested.  These two handsome men are my son Pete and grandson Jake as they made fettuccini during their visit back in 2012.  Jake turned 20 this month; how time does fly.  Pete's Triumph tee-shirt is a throwback tribute in its own right.  He inherited his dad's motorcycle and has been in the long process of restoring it.  I could be mistaken, but I believe it is the same bike I rode on behind his dad back in the 1960s.  Now that is a throwback!

Squint is one persistent ground squirrel.  Pushing a rope uphill is easier than dissuading a determined squirrel.  Squint (one eye is almost closed) is not willing to wait for the breakfast I will put down later in the big room and insists he's going to eat with the mice in the milking room.  Mice sit nibbling on one piece of grain each; Squint packs his cheek pouches with cereal as fast as he can and will scarf down an entire handful in no time, leaving the mice to go hungry.  I hit him with a stream of milk every time he shows up, and he shows up all the time.  His cohorts flatten themselves in the big room, watching and waiting with varying degrees of patience, sometimes checking the bowl in hopes that I might have relented and fed them early.  Time will tell whether Squint or I give in first.  He may not realize I'm a stubborn woman armed with an endless supply of ammunition.

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