Friday, June 27, 2014

Ralph and the Babe

Is this funny, or what?  What really cracked me up yesterday was that Babe ran back and forth on the railing just to taunt Ralph.  Ralph knocked things over and off the sills as he went from window to window.  "Kek, kek, kek" (which translates to "I will get you, you evil little grey thing, and chomp your bones!").  Ralph talks a good fight, but would tuck tail and run if Babe ever came in the house.

Celeste is a perfectionist and I would love to turn over housekeeping duties to her.  She is never satisfied with how Ralph covers his stuff in the litter box and comes after him to do it over.  Sometimes she doesn't wait for him to leave the box before she starts to scratch the litter over.  I think Ralph is spoiled.  Ralph takes no responsibility for the crumbs and bits that fall out of his mouth and leaves it to Celeste to tidy up around their food dishes on the counter. I'm pretty sure that with a few lessons, she could take over the dusting and she'd do a good job.  I'm such a dreamer.

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Kathryn said...

Hey, Celeste already has a duster on her backside, so maybe you COULD teach her just where to swish it to tame the dust! Ya...good luck with that :-)