Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Around the Corner

Spring is just around the corner, tentatively knocking, a bit afraid she might be a little early for the party.  Clusters of daffodils are popping up and showing their colors all over my hill.  Not to be outdone, the forsythia just outside my window is matching yellow for yellow.  The blossoms on the almond tree are pretty raggedy after the last storm, but most are hanging on.  The plum and peach trees in the old orchard are starting to get dressed in their pink and white finery, and the oaks are covered with tiny leaf buds.  I want to yell, "Did you not look at the thermometer (still in the twenties in the morning)?!  Do you not see the frost on the ground?!"  The forecast is for another storm with low snow levels tonight and tomorrow, and another wave of weather close behind.  Ah, well, Spring will do what she will do.  Myself, I'm bringing more firewood to the porch.

Unbelievably, Lucy remains on her feet, eating well, and all her systems seem to be working.  I guess it's all things in their own time, but this is a hard time.

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Kathryn said...

I read the blog out of order this morning (usually save it for next to last in the morning routine, as it is my special treat) because you and Lucy had been in my thoughts off and on all day yesterday, and what a gal that Lucy is! You are both still in my thoughts, but in the meantime....enjoy your beautiful spring beginnings...and the warmth of your fire.