Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can't Please Me

Yesterday was a record-breaking day, seventy-six degrees in Sacramento, sixty-eight up here.  After my yammering on about cold and rain lately (truck doors frozen again on Tuesday), one would think I couldn't complain about a beautiful but unseasonably warm day; one would be wrong.  For one thing, it brought out the mosquitoes.  For another, it's way too soon.  Walking out in the afternoon, I saw that the almond tree had started to blossom.  Like a young girl who thinks that every boy who asks her out is The One, this poor tree thinks every warm day is a firm commitment and flings itself into the arms of spring.  As has happened in the past, I fear wind and rain in the months ahead will destroy its finery and dash its hopes, but I have to admire its indomitable spirit.

Superbowl Sunday:  Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers.  I'm not really sure that Bessie, Frank, and Pearl are that much into football, but every time I jump up, they do, too, and we do our own version of The Wave.  (If the Steelers that would please me no end!)


Kathryn said...

Oh God you are so FUNNY...and so masterful with the words! I bet an almond tree has never been regaled so poetically! And from all I read, you WILL be pleased with the outcome of the game, but then again, can anyone know until those final seconds? Enjoy!

Kathryn said...

"Best laid plans of mice and men..." RIP, Steelers!