Monday, February 14, 2011


Ohmigosh, I think this high-speed thing is going to be right up there with sliced bread and indoor plumbing...really easy to get used to and quickly becoming indispensable.  I think I can get over not playing interminable games of solitaire while waiting for a website to come up.  Oh, gee, does this mean I'll have more free time in which to dust?  I had been slowly approaching spring cleaning the back bedrooms, but went into overdrive because of moving the computer and both rooms are done, done, done!  The incoming weather system held off long enough for Installer Guy to do what he needed to do without either getting drenched or blown off the roof.  Big wind most of the day and spitting rain off and on, but not at the critical moments for him.  It's all good. 

The girls are going through their cycles and driving each other nuts and Nineteen straight up the wall.  They pick fights and butt heads, and he jumps everything that breathes (for all the good that does).  It'll be another week before we'll know if the Silkie eggs will hatch, but Yuki and Keiko are getting antsy and growl whenever I come near.  Haven't heard anything from Tessie, but one can only hope she's smiling now.  Somebody should, since the others are all so cranky.  And Lucy goes on.

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Kathryn said...

Can you see me smiling??? Yes, sliced bread and high-speed internet are indeed in the same category. And I just looked in the giant computer rule book and it specifically says that you do NOT have to use time that has been freed up when switching from dial-up to high speed, by dusting or doing any more cleaning than you did before the big switch. Time use is totally up to your discretion...and you may even use the extra time by playing Texas Hold'em (or other poker games) in real time with real people around the world...on said fast computer - with real of fake money (Try Full Tilt Poker). So go ahead...act like a kid in a candy shop and start surfing the web...there's a whole world out there now at your fingertips! Enjoy!
P.S. It's addicting (especially to the intellectually curious) might even have LESS time to dust!