Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dem Bones

I wasn't the only one suffering from cabin fever, and was so happy to go as Joel and Judy's guest last night to Bones for dinner.  Bones is up in Pleasant Valley, on a narrow road that goes up to Sly Park and the back way to Tahoe.  Given the skull-and-crossbones signage and "Bikers Welcome" billboard, it's pretty obvious what the original intent of the owner was for this little hole-in-the-wall bar and grill.  There are so few eateries in our area, the locals have discovered the terrific hamburgers and onion rings, and now, if there is such a thing, Bones is an "upscale" biker bar.  They have a wine list!  The parking lot was packed last night with Range Rovers, SUVs, pickup trucks, and motorcycles.  The ladies in the foursome at the next table had salon hairdos, earrings, coordinated jogging suits.  (Myself, I dressed for warmth.)  Bones does not provide napkins; a roll of paper towels stands on the table.  It's just impossible to be neat and tidy while eating a Bones juicy hamburger.  We got to talking about all the delicious, unhealthy things we ate as kids.  How did we ever survive?  While we may not eat those things now, each of us could vividly remember the wonderful taste of the calorie-laden, cholesterol-causing dishes we were fed by our parents.  I suppose I should apologize to my own Kids for having served them some of those delicious dietary no-nos.

Leaving Bones, we noted that we could see stars for the first time in days (nights), and that it was going to be a cold one without the cloud cover.  Driving home, we were headed directly toward the rising moon, which had gotten full while we weren't watching.  It was a moon that would have inspired Spielberg to send E.T. home again, huge and bright.

It's twenty-six degrees this morning, and the skies are clear.


Kathryn said...

Brrrrrr...but sounds like a fun outing, but I SURE can't picture being the one to ride a motorcycle in your weather yesterday to get to Bones! How did we survive the food of yesteryear? WE PLAYED OUTSIDE and walked to school or rode our bikes, and our family hardly ever went out to a restaurant. (Speaking of that, I have vague memories of one restaurant that we DID go to on rare occasions in Temple City, called "The Clock." My dad does not remember - do you have any recollection or am I dreaming? Would have been in the mid-to-late 1950s). And do you remember the first (to my knowledge) "fast food" taco place there called "Taco Tio?" They wrapped the tacos in bright canary paper wrappers. We drove from San Gabriel to get them - only other tacos we knew of like that were at the Jolly Roger on Balboa Island...anyone else have those way back when????

Bo said...

This one, I just have to answer. OF COURSE I remember Taco Tio! I also remember when "The Golden Arches" (Mickey Ds) counted their hamburgers sold in the triple digits. I don't remember "The Clock," but did you ever get to Dick's Drive In (and, yes, the waitresses were on skates) for their fabulous French dip sandwiches? There was a Chinese food restaurant in...Alhambra? called Mee Jee Inn (and I'm not sure of the spelling) that we went to at least once a month. Loved it! Guess it's pretty obvious I'm orally oriented.

Kathryn said...

I was not quite 12 when we moved from San Gabriel to San Diego, in 1959, and I'm not sure the first Golden Arches I ever remember seeing (on Las Tunas) was there before I left. I do remember seeing it when I went back to visit tho. Don't remember Dick's, but I do remember Twohey's, Home of the Little Stinko, where Alhambra Blvd and Garfield intersect Huntington Dr. Wonderful bittersweet hot fudge sundaes and onion rings...and yes, roller skates for car service and those funky window trays. It's still there, by the way, but no car service anymore. I don't think I ever had Chinese food before San Diego, and didn't like it as a kid - what a dummy I was! OMG did you EVER go to "The Headliner" in Pasadena? I have just the most vague memory of the onion rings - think it was named that because it was near the building that housed the Pasadena Star News...probably on Colorado Blvd. I love these walks down memory lane. Another is the giant ice cream cone sign for "Curry's Ice Cream" I think...again probably on Las Tuna. I was never in there but a memory just flashed by.