Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hold On

I am willing Lucy to hold on for just a little while longer.  My old girl was down last evening and I thought it might be the end.  Hurriedly putting the other goats in their stalls, I went to check on her.  She had struggled to her feet and was slowly making her way to her room.  Good old girl.  I could only spend time petting and sweet talking her; there's nothing else I could do.  There is no good time for the death of a favored animal, but this is an absolutely awful time.  With company coming today.... 

Even with advance preparations, I'm never as ready as I should be...let's face it...for much of anything.  There's still a lot to do before my son and his daughter and my nephew and his wife get here.  I would do anything not to go to the barn today.  Hold on, Lucy.

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Kathryn said...

I'm so, so sorry that you AND Lucy both have to go thru this. Hopefully it will be painless for her when the time comes...and not totally heart-wrenching for you, but I know it will be.