Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cute Chick In Town

The wind and rain yesterday morning were some of the worst I've seen.  Walking to the chicken pens,  my feet were almost swept out from under me.  Regardless, Musashi and Satomi rushed down the ramp when I opened their door, and...there was a new chick!  It hadn't raised its head from the shell yet, but started peeping and turned to look at me.  This little Yuki II or Musashi the Second isn't as big as a golf ball.  Keiko and Yuki looked at it as if in disbelief.  Youngsters themselves, they've not seen chicks before.
As soon as I'd taken these photos, Keiko's mothering instincts kicked in and she got up off the egg she was sitting on and covered the chick, fluffing her feathers to warm the little one.  Not wanting to penalize her for her kindness, I tucked her egg under Yuki to keep it safe.  It was everything I could do not to pick up the baby.  I did so want to feel that downy softness, but it was more important that the hens bond with the chicks.  I also didn't want to confuse the chick by improper imprinting.  I kept thinking of that old children's book, "Are You My Mama?"
At dusk, all three mamas were sitting huddled together over their nests and I didn't want to disturb them to see if more chicks had hatched.  It's twenty-two degrees this morning, so I may have to wait awhile longer if none of the girls volunteers to let me look today. 

This little spot of joy was oh-so-welcome after the day before.  I held my breath all day, hoping the wind wouldn't bring down that section of oak over the water tanks.  We had rain, hail, wind, snow, and a verified tornado touched down in the Highway 50 corridor leading up to our hills.  It's so far, so good regarding the split oak.  Since it's clear as a bell this morning, maybe Tree Guy can come and take it down safely.  There has to be a perverted logic to the insurance business.  Because I did nothing wrong, this is not a covered incident.  Now, because I'm aware of the problem, if the tree does fall on the tanks, that will be reimbursed.  I have a bit of a problem wrapping my head around that.  Ah, well.  Mine is not to wonder why, mine is to continue to pay premiums and send Tree Guy's kids to college.

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Kathryn said...

What a nice surprise the little one is! With the number of eggs showing, it looks like you are going to have to dust off your Japanese Baby Name book. I bet you are going to be in hog heaven naming and touching and loving the little brood...and I bet we get to enjoy right along with you since you have your new camera and high speed internet - yay!

Whoa...even tho a big storm caused the tree to fall on the neighbor's fence, that is NOT covered by insurance? In Ohio, big winds caused a friend's tree to fall on the neighbor's roof and that was covered. Strange for sure. Make sure you get to have a say in which college you are sending TG's kids to...some are better than others :-)