Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keep Truckin'

Lucy hangs on and just keeps truckin', albeit in second gear now.  I'm putting her food lower so she doesn't have to climb up on the stand.  Every day is just that...another day.  As I was telling someone, for me, death is easy to accept.  It's just a natural part of life.  The sense of loss afterward is difficult.  Dying is the hard part, for everyone concerned.  I'm not going to give daily reports; no news is good news.

You know you've got a good thing going when someone you haven't seen in a long time appears and you pick up a conversation as if it were yesterday.  My nephew has taken jobs all over the world:  two years in Moscow, some time in Poland, lived in Hawaii for a year or more, just came back from Gambon, Africa, many, many of the United States, and is moving to Pennsylvania right now.  He brought photos from far-off places and wonderful sights.  His wife has traveled with him to some, and kept the home fires burning during others.  In their thirty-seven years together, they've produced seven children, nineteen grandchildren and four more on the way.  (That's a lot of home fire.)  For someone as rootbound as I choose to be, it was better than National Geographic to follow their adventures.  Suffice it to say, it was a great visit.  I hope it's not another ten years before I see them again.

Spending time with Larry and Taylor is always such a pleasure.  I took advantage of his time to replace a brass faucet that was splitting (yes, the metal was splitting apart) out by the goat pen this morning.  Our hard freezes lately had overstressed the fitting and I knew it wouldn't be long until it blew like Vesuvius and I'd be in real trouble.  Like everything, the job took longer than anticipated, but he persevered and got the job done.  There are just some tasks that take two people and this was one of them.  Working up here presents its own difficulties; the wrong or forgotten tool means walking all the way back to the barn or down to the shop, turning valves on and off at the console would be so time consuming at the faucet.  The Kids are so generous with their assistance.

I just bit the bullet and signed up for high-speed Internet service.  I've decided to move the computer into my room so I'll always have access.  Sounds easy, but that means moving furniture from one room to another, etc.  I thought I'd have a few days to make these changes, but "they're" moving faster than I am and "The Guy" is arriving right after I come back from the barn tomorrow.  Good grief!  I'm a Taurus, and we don't cope well with change.  What'm I gonna do?!  Stay tuned for the latest!  (If I can figure out how to keep the blog going.)

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Kathryn said...

Sounds like a wonderful should spring clean more often...who knows what long-lost relatives will show up and treat you to a globetrotting adventure!