Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, Good Grief

Like commandos preparing for a raid, the clouds have darkened their faces, turned out the light (no sun today), and are massing for the attack.  I hope this approaching storm doesn't feel the need to live up to the hype that's preceding it, but I've been getting ready, just in case.  What I didn't need in the midst of hurrying around attending to last-minute details was the message from my neighbor to the south, telling me that the huge oak in my pasture had split and fallen across two-hundred feet of his fence.  He had already left his wine tasting room for the evening, so we haven't talked, but he "invited" me down to view the damage today.  I can hardly wait.  He did promise me a glass of wine.  Tree Guy returned my urgent call late last night, and he'll be here by eight to get done what he can before the storm hits.  That oak is the most beautiful on the property, and I hate, aside from everything else, that it will be mutilated, if not destroyed. 

Two of the Silkie eggs either rolled or were pushed out of the Taj last night.  Checking, I found the chicks inside were fully formed.  While it's sad to lose these little guys, it's good to know that Musashi has what it takes.  I really worry now that the other chicks will hatch during the snow storm.  A rotten welcome.

Well, if I'm going into battle, I'd best gear up.

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Kathryn said...

When it rains, it pours...but then again, we already knew that. So sorry about the oak - for lots of reasons, and the almost Silkies. Hopefully we will soon be celebrating some new arrivals at the Taj. Your storm is supposed to move south and be here on Saturday. The radio weather report said that snow would be down to perhaps 1000 feet and that temps would be low like they are only a couple of times in a decade...but I'm not sure they are meaning the coast, or just the general "Southland." Hang in there, and ride it out with the best of them!!