Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day Is Done

"Day is done.  Gone the sun...."  The poignant lyrics to Taps play so often in my head.  I live in a beautiful place with lovely views all around, but none are as spectacular as the sunsets.  I, and my Kids after me, happened to be fortunate enough to live in a place and/or a time when it was safe for children to play outside unsupervised "until it gets dark."  All the years of their growing up, I watched for nightfall and waited for my chicks to come home.  I'm still making sure that all in my care are tucked in and safe by dark.

Sunsets range from pastels to sky on fire.  These photos were taken on different nights, but the changes occur so rapidly that it is possible to see both scenes on the same evening.  Long after I'm gone, I think my son Dave will think of me sometimes at sundown, as we often call the other's attention to a particularly breathtaking day's end.  My kitchen windows, the front door, and the coops and barns are all toward the west and my chores always take me outside at dusk so it's impossible for me to miss the show.  Regardless of how the day has gone, there is always a good ending.

Day is done.

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