Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mighty Oaks

Tree Guy stopped by yesterday.  The course of our conversation drifted through football (and biased commentators), the wildfire lines where he'd been working, my need for a water reservoir tank, the pipe clamp he needed to borrow, the status of the firewood pile (with an eye toward winter), Indian casinos, and so on (and on).  Walking outside, I mentioned that my neighbor has planted a large number of trees all along our fence line and that I wished I knew what kind they were.  The saplings have taken hold well and are growing fast and will be beautiful when grown.  Tree Guy, being a tree guy, went over to take a closer look.  He came back saying he was glad they weren't birch, as birch send up shoots along the root system and where you have one, you'll soon have a forest.  I bemoaned the loss of the oak by the barn and the shade it provided for what is now the sauna.  TG immediately went into planning mode.  "Okay, what we'll do is this," and he was off and running.  Nothing is finalized yet, but it's my impression we (and I use that term "we" loosely) are going to plant four or five fruited mulberry trees along the fence line between the two goat pens, along with a drip water line on a timer.  A couple will be strategically placed so that their shade will fall on the barn in the morning.  The girls need more shade in the summer and protection from the elements in the winter.  They can share the fruit with the birds, and maybe leave some for me.  Sounds like a plan.

Tree Guy was on a roll!  He then decided I need more oaks in the front yard, backup in case a dire fate should befall the one already standing there.  I was given instructions and the two of us went around in the driveway like kids on an Easter egg hunt, looking for acorns of the right size, color and weight, without worm holes.  I ended up with a pocketful.  I have been assigned to find more, and I am to plant them in pots on the deck (where he's trusting me to water them).  I'm guessing the thought is that if we (I) plant a lot, then a few will grow and he'll have the raw materials for The Plan.

After all, "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow."

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Kathryn said...

Mighty oaks, indeed! It sounds like you have a wonderful plan, and I hope the mulberries are fast growing and can provide that shade soon. Meanwhile, you left us hanging...did tree guy determine what kind of non-birch tree your neighbor had planted on the fence line?