Sunday, September 9, 2012

Missed Opportunities

There I was without my camera.  The whole family came to get milk yesterday:  my friend Jenny, her husband Drew, their four little stairstep kids (so like my own at that age), and the Barbados lamb, Lulu.  Bessie Anne went out to greet the guests as she always does.  She was especially happy to see the children; somebody to play with.  And then Lulu, barely a third of Bessie's size, was put down on the ground and came trotting forward to say hi and Bessie Anne freaked out!  Whatever it was, she'd never seen one of those before.  Braveheart she's not, and came racing back to hide behind my legs.  Assured that the tiny lamb, whose umbilical cord hadn't yet dropped off, presented no danger, Bess touched noses and then became Lulu's protector.

We grownups stood in the drive talking while the kids and animals played around us.  Glancing over Jenny's shoulder, I just cracked up.  One of her little boys, not wanting to miss out on anything by having to go in the house, had pulled down the front of his britches and was watering some weeds.  I had to laugh because exactly the same thing had happened when my sons were small.  Deja vu.

The NASCAR night race at Richmond started almost two hours late because of rain, and then, just shy of halfway, was delayed longer by another squall passing over.  In my house, early to rise does mean early to bed, and I couldn't keep my eyes open to wait it out.  Wouldn't you know that I missed seeing my driver winning the race?  Good on ya, Clint Bowyer!

Just a day of missed opportunities.

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Kathryn said...

Aw Bummer! Not the lamb...but the race! Because my dad had had the delayed USC football game on, the next time we turned the TV on, NASCAR was on the screen, and when they said that Clint was in the lead, I said, "I think he's BO'S DRIVER!!" Let's hope there is a next time for you to cheer him over the finish line.