Saturday, September 29, 2012


I found Peter Parker, my own little spider man, sulking in the corner.  For a couple of days I'd been too busy in the barn to catch flies for him and his buddies and he obviously was in a snit.  Usually when he'd see me he'd run to the middle of his web and make it fairly dance with anticipation.  Yesterday he turned his back and ignored me.  I don't take rejection well, so sat while Esther was eating her cereal and attempted to curry favor with a tiny arachnoid by trapping a couple of flies.  As sometimes happens, trying too hard results in failure.  I had to settle into the chore; it takes patience.  Finally, just before Esther finished her last bite, success!  It seems the affections of a spider can be cheaply bought for the price of one little morsel.  I was forgiven.

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Kathryn said...

Too, too funny!!! I DO hope you have read J. Allen Boone's "Kinship With All Life." But then again, if you had, you wouldn't be killing "Freddie the Fly!" I love that you even have a kinship with a spider!!