Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Sunday

NASCAR and football are the only sports I follow (okay, horse racing is right up there, too).  Baseball is not my game, never has been.  Always the last to be chosen and then stuck so far out in the field there was no chance I could ruin things for the team, my aversion to baseball began early in life.  Steve hated car races and would hide the TV remote when the Kids were coming up so they couldn't turn on NASCAR.  He was a rabid football fan, rooting for the Steelers and yelling so loud he scared the dog.  I, myself, like the Minnesota Vikings, always have.  After Steve was gone, I started watching NASCAR and only followed the scores on football.  Of late, I've started watching games again.  All this by way of saying that yesterday was a great day for sports.  I switched back and forth to keep track of who was winning at the race in Loudon, New Hampshire, and the Vikings game (Vikings won!  My driver did not).  Intending to go in and prep dinner for an invited guest, I got diverted to a documentary about Seabiscuit, and then caught the end of a Pittsburgh Steelers game (they lost).

It's just amazing how much one can do in a time crunch.  Whirling like a dervish, I got the food prep done, sheets off the line and back on the bed, vacuumed and dusted (extra points there), and had time to watch five huge tom turkeys bouncing on the low-hanging limbs of an oak like they were on a carnival ride.  My friend and I had a great dinner and a most enjoyable evening.  Bessie Anne and Honey, a German shepherd, are best buddies so they had a good time too.  (Frank and Pearl don't come near the house when a strange dog is here.)

All in all, it was a super Sunday.

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Kathryn said...

Baseball and volleyball for me, as I loved playing them, but alas, never really learned the rules in football and I think I would enjoy it more if I understood the intricacies. And yes, I'll give you LOTS of points for dusting...I never enjoyed playing the dusting game as a kid, and it carried thru to adulthood! Glad your Sunday was so special!! I'm also glad to be back in computer contact as I so missed this blog.