Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something Is Out There

Ruth usually ambles out of the barn, sometimes holding up Sheila and Poppy.  I wondered what was up yesterday when she couldn't get out fast enough, the other two close behind.  I let Cindy into the milking room and instead of jumping up on the stand for breakfast, all she wanted was out!  Coaxing and blocking, I finally convinced her to stick with the program.  Opening the door for the other three, I could see they were torn between huddling at the back of the stall and wanting to get out.  They finally opted for out and raced past me.  What the heck was going on?  It takes a lot to keep a goat from going to food.  The alfalfa was up at the corner as usual, but only Poppy went to eat.  The herd clustered together, not just spooked but scared witless, staring as a group at the northwest corner.  Finished with Cindy, she bolted out of the barn.  I managed to get Esther, then Ruth, into the room, but neither would eat a bite and couldn't wait to be let free, beating on the door with their hooves.  I caught Tessie and had to keep the rope on her neck to get her up on the stand to be milked.  She barely touched her cereal.  I never could catch Inga or Sheila so they didn't get milked.

I did not see or hear anything that might have terrified the girls so.  They never took their attention from that corner where, I'm sorry to say, the dogs have come from before.  I went out several times through the day and the herd continued to huddle together.  As night fell, they pushed and shoved to get into their rooms.

Something is out there.  I don't know what.  I may never know.

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Kathryn said...

Oh MAN, what kind of mystery writer ARE you? I thought for sure that the puzzle would be solved at the end of the blog! Guess you need a talking dog like Scooby Do to tell us what's REALLY going on!