Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Clear the Decks

I should have lists of my lists.  We're on the countdown to Thanksgiving and there's still a lot to do.  Without lists, I vacillate between procrastination and distraction.  I can't tell if I'm my own worst enemy or if I just work harder as a deadline looms.  Today the concentration will be on the house.  Tomorrow is prep day for the dinner.  I was gobsmacked the other day when I was telling a friend that I have been fixing the same menu for fifty years.  Holy cow!  Fifty years!  I guess that's long enough to be considered a tradition (and makes me an antique).  I know I dare not change anything or the wrath of the clan would come down upon my head.  Because we use the occasion to also celebrate Craig's and now Susan's birthdays, I have some leeway with dessert.  Pumpkin pie, of course, but also a pecan pie for Craig and this year a cherry pie for Susan (we're none of us cake eaters).  When we converted the stove top to propane gas, a necessity with the numerous power outages, we also put in double ovens.  I can't imagine cooking a holiday dinner without them.  Turkey in one, pies, rolls, bourbon yams, the ever-popular green bean casserole taking turns in the other.  The ovens, however, are electric.  That would put me in deep doodah if the power were to go out on Thursday.  That nightmare doesn't bear thinking about.

The trash has been hauled down to the big road.  The sky is getting light.  Time to look at a list and get my game on.

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Kathryn said...

I predict that you will win the game and the power will stay ON!!! Yay for traditions and yum on the pies for sure!