Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On Your Mark...

It's going to be a little difficult to get everything done today with crossed fingers and held breath.  Another storm blew in last night and I am keeping the good thought for electricity.  As I told my son Pete last night, I tried to build up some positive karma yesterday when I stopped on the way back from the feed store to thank a couple of PG&E workers who were working at the side of the road.  Those guys are our first line of defense and I was glad for the opportunity.

There was an off-chance that Deb and Craig might come up tonight, but their work put the kibosh on that.  Since part of the Thanksgiving tradition is tearing the bread (all those loaves of bread!) for the stuffing, it's very nice to have their help, as they have done in years past.  Their company is always so welcome.

A good number of items on the list have been crossed off, and I have hopes for the rest today.  As I've been known to say, a thing will either get done...or it won't.  There is a point beyond which one just can't worry about it anymore.  I'm still in the race.

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Kathryn said...

Since you have been running the same race now for half a century (I don't know which is more scary - 50 years or half a century), I KNOW you will be the winner!! Sorry your bread jockeys won't be with you tonight, but I know you will be out in front in the home stretch! Praying for no storms and total power!