Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In My Opinion

I'm not happy with The System.  Yesterday was Election Day.  I have voted in every election since I turned twenty-one (in the old days, that was the age of majority).  The most American thing I know to do is to join my community and my country at the polling place to make my mark.  Therefore I have declined the option of a mail-in ballot.  It has been important to me to make the effort and take the time to go in person to vote.

As I got out of my truck yesterday, a man came out of the local polling site and he was boiling over.  He was one of those who had received a "mail-in only" ballot, but had not realized that meant he could not vote in person.  He had been given a provisional ballot to take away and bring back because he had not mailed in his vote.  This man told of convincing his eighteen- and twenty-year-old children of the importance of voting, of making their opinion count, but knew they also had not mailed their ballots and that they would not come in for the provisional.  Two votes lost, probably forever, and the dad's credibility took a big ding, too.  I have heard from others who ran into this same situation, so his was not an isolated case. 

When the results of the presidential race are announced within two hours (and it was actually much less) of the West Coast polls closing, it's a wonder why we bother with anything but local races and propositions.  Why bother with absentee ballots?  Why bother with "provisionals?"  Perhaps candidates would pay more attention to the country as a whole instead of concentrating on the "swing states," if we went to a popular vote and abolished the Electoral College.

I am not speaking of political parties, I am not addressing the pros or cons of any issues.  I'm am only voicing my displeasure with The System as I found it during this election.  That's my opinion.

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Kathryn said...

I can only add that when I heard time and time again that our brave warriors in the military in distant lands had not even received their Absentee Ballots, I knew it was not a level playing field. I have a powerful "justice button" built into my very being. I have now disconnected it.