Friday, November 16, 2012

Crash Landing

That hawk I heard on the deck some days back definitely left his mark.  On my morning walkabout, I saw what I thought was a flaw in the big living room window.  Invisible when seen straight on, at just the right angle and the sun shining there was the perfect imprint of a large bird on the glass, wing feathers outstretched and well defined and the head and beak smooshed to the side.  No wonder he was sitting on the rail; he must have had the mother of all headaches.  It's a wonder he didn't break his neck.

It costs a bit more than tuppence a bag to feed the birds these days, especially when some of my feathered friends are as large as the turkey there on the feeder.  That feeder was never intended to support the weight of these hulks and has crashed to the ground before.  The majority of seed is thrown on the ground for their convenience, but there's one in every crowd who won't play by the rules, don'tcha know.

Nature was marshaling her forces just after daybreak yesterday, the clouds streaming up from the south.  Her troops organized during the night and have blanketed the sky today.  It looks like it might be just a minor skirmish, but there could be a full assault tomorrow.  The laundry is done, batteries are fully charged, and two more wagons of firewood have been brought to the porch.  Bring it on!

I was headed for disaster and were it not for my friend's reminder, I might have had a crash landing of my own.  I don't have a lot of reason to check the calendar (one day is pretty much like the next) and, in my mind, Thanksgiving was two or three weeks away.  Not!  Linda dropped me back into reality yesterday with the news that I've got days, not weeks, to go shopping and start the prep for Thanksgiving dinner and the company that will be here.  Good grief, I've got to get moving!

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Kathryn said...

Yep, by my calculations, Thanksgiving is the earliest it CAN be, as Nov. 1 was a Thursday, so the 4th Thursday is 22...and that's it this year. Good thing for Linda, huh?? And do you REALLY want to say, "Bring it on," to Mother Nature? All I have to say to that is two words, "Hurricane Sandy!" But then again, I think you are safe!