Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Direct Hit

Bessie Anne asked to go out while it was still dark yesterday morning.  Opening the door for her when she came back to the porch, there was an overpowering scent of skunk.  I didn't want to accuse her without proof, but held her collar until I could give her a good sniff to make sure she hadn't done the deed again.  I just hate to start a really cold morning with a dog bath, but Bess was guilt free.

After watching the most current episode of Downton Abbey, Dolly packed up and prepared to go home.  Standing in the drive, I gave my best impression of the mistress of the manor as I waved goodbye, but it was difficult to attain the image, dressed in mucky shoes and bibbies as I was.  Ah, well.  The mistress of Downton didn't have to milk goats.

Dolly's taillights blinked around the corner and I headed on out to do chores.  Approaching the feed barn, I was again struck with the scent of skunk, getting stronger as I got closer.  All buildings at Farview are built on or into a hill.  The feed room addition to the barn sits up on pier blocks, with substantial crawlspace underneath.  Cats and chickens can go under there, but it's too low for Bessie Anne.  Nearly knocked over by skunk stink when I went in to get the chicken feed, I can only assume skunks can get under the building too.  I'm thinking Bess might have chased one of those black-and-white "kitties" in there earlier.  Skunks are notoriously nearsighted and it must have fired off a volley without hitting its target.  The barn, however, took a direct hit and that smell will stay around for days.  I will take that as a warning shot and it's back to the leash in the dark, morning or night, for Bessie Anne.

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Kathryn said...

I guess if I had to pick one, I'd pick a skunked feed barn over a skunked best furry buddy, but if the feed gets infused with eau de skunk, the goats and chickens might go on a hunger strike! Maybe a fair wind will blow all the troubles away!