Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fogged In

For a bit of variety, Dolly brought a bank of thick fog instead of rain yesterday.  Oh, there were a few drizzles off and on so I didn't have to check her credentials.  We spent the day doing what old friends always do when reuniting, pretty much nonstop talking.  We'd decided to put off our planned outing until today because of the fog.  Rain will keep deer and assorted wildlife under cover, but they feel safe to venture out in fog, so discretion seemed the better part of valor.  It's better not to run into them on the road, literally or figuratively.

I put on a movie, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," for Dolly to watch while I tended to the kids' bedtime and fixed dinner.  There are some wonderful lines in that film, like, "It will be all right in the end, and if it is not all right, then it is not yet the end."  I have rather eclectic taste in programs, but try to tailor what I offer guests to their interests.  When Larry was here, we watched a documentary on Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense under two presidents.  For some, I've put on "Girl with a Pearl Earring," "Story of the Weeping Camel," or "Secretariat."  One documentary on the Pamir Kirghiz people, "37 Uses for a Dead Sheep," although fascinating, has never seemed appropriate to share.  I think the title may be off-putting.  Later, Dolly was introduced to the PBS series about a quirky Cornwall physician, "Doc Martin."

 What adventures await us today, I don't know.  Without a doubt, rain or shine, it will be a good day.


Kathryn said...

I hope your adventures are everything you had hoped, and nice that Dolly has changed up her choice of weather patterns!!

Kathy V said...

37 uses? I can only think of 36!