Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From Downtown to Downton

I am a big fan of the PBS series, "Downton Abbey."  I have recorded all of the first two seasons of this "Upstairs, Downstairs" type of program dealing with an aristocratic English family and their army of servants pre-World War I and later.  I saved the first three episodes of season three without watching because I thought Dolly might also enjoy them.  In order to "put her in the picture," I went back to the very first episode of season one so she would have an introduction to the characters and story line before jumping ahead to the three I was waiting to see.  Little did I know she would so quickly become so addicted.  Although sunny and clear, the wind chill was brutal yesterday, not conducive to spending any time outdoors.  That was a good thing because all we did all day long was follow the Crawley family members and their staff through trials and tribulations, intrigues and romances, failures and successes.  Bleary eyed and butt weary, with one episode left, we finally called it quits about ten-thirty last night.  We'll be going back to Downton this morning.  Well, it's still a history lesson.

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Kathryn said...

That is so funny/ironic! I think you were the first person who told me about Downton Abbey, and then I have another friend who, after she found the show, bought the first two seasons for her husband for Christmas, and she said virtually the same thing..."We Over Dosed on Downton Abbey!!! I think it is time I introduce my dad and me to DA as well as Doc Martin! Glad you were able to share it with Dolly!!