Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo Op

When my old computer died, it took all of my photos with it, including Bessie Anne's baby pictures.  Craig and Deb were kind enough to send me a couple and here is one of the best.  When we went to the shelter to pick out a new best friend, I had only two requirements:  female, short hair.  This little chocolate lab-mix girl fit the bill perfectly.  Looking into those brown eyes told me this dog had an "old soul."  This girl needed an old-time name, thus Bessie Anne.  We bonded immediately.

We've always called Bessie "a work in progress," as she continues to evolve.  The changes began with a few blond curls on her head, a la Cocker Spaniel, then tufts grew willy-nilly here and there until she became as she is today.  There is no rhyme or reason to her hair patterns.  Her tail has long hair at the base, short hair at the tip.  Her ears look like those of an Afghan hound with long, silky hair.  Her belly is almost completely bald, pink, with freckles.  She carries a thick ruff over her shoulders, and long hair down her back.  She's gone from chocolate brown to blond all over.  Bessie Anne is exactly the dog I wanted, my bestest friend and constant companion.  Besides, now we wear the same hairdo; how could I not love that?

I had another photo op yesterday, and missed it.  When the mouse in the grain bucket waited, I lifted it out and tried to place it on the stand to run away.  Mouse had other ideas.  It chose, instead, to walk up my sleeve and sit there.  One-handed, I tried to pull out my camera but was too slow.  Mouse continued up my arm to sit on my shoulder.  I could feel it nosing around my hair.  Having completed its inspection, it came back down my arm, jumped onto the stand and away home.  I wonder what stories it told to the clan.  I wish I'd gotten a picture.

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Kathryn said...

WHAT a transformation!!! I am astounded at the before and after, but a wonderful best friend is a wonderful best friend, no matter what the outside looks like (which is wonderful news for all of us seniors)!!