Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've Been Socked

See that woman running down the back roads in Fair Play, bibby straps and arms flapping?  Hear her yelling at oncoming cars, "Bring it on!"?  See her kicking small squirrels, large deer, and bicyclists out of the way?  That would be me.  I'm not paranoid, but the high-tech fates are against me.

Old computer died; got a new one.  Old printer won't talk to new computer; got a new one.  Need a spreadsheet; figured it out.  (I won't mention the Farm Census forms).  Problems solved, right?  Wrong, totally, dreadfully wrong.  This morning the computer couldn't-slash-wouldn't connect to the internet.  Reboot.  Reboot again.  And again.  Call tech support; busy signal instead of the automated selection menu.  Call again; busy.  Keep calling for a half hour.  Busy signal.  Has my server gone defunct and I wasn't told when even the telephone won't connect?  Called the sales number and got a live person (after a punishing time on hold).  "We are experiencing technical difficulties and expect to have service restored by noon, Eastern Standard Time."  Whoopdedoo.  This was almost worse than a power failure.  It's a little scary to realize how dependent on computers our society has become.  This was a situation involving the entire populace using this internet service across the United States.

Obviously, the server is back "on line."  I'm a pretty patient woman, but I'm dawdling before going down to the barn.  In my present state of mind, I'm liable to grab on to those teats with a grip that would send the girls through the roof.  I'm thinking calm thoughts and taking deep breaths.  I can't say it's helping.

Evidently the rain is waiting for Dolly's arrival.  We didn't get any last night.  It's definitely overcast this morning; suits my mood.  I feel like a dark cloud.  I won't say it couldn't get worse (ever!), but I'm hoping it gets better.  I feel like I've been socked.

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Kathryn said...

I FEEL your pain. We (my 89 year old dad and I) are embroiled in similar techie nightmares and other than family health and emergencies, there's almost nothing worse - at least nothing more FRUSTRATING! Glad you got back online!