Tuesday, January 8, 2013

War and Peace

It seems I've been in an electronic battle for weeks.  After getting the new computer and finding my way around the new operating system, setting up files, etc., I found that the new computer would not speak to my old printer.  That is a bit snobby, in my opinion, but the reality is that technology moves a lot faster than I do, and the printer was obsolete.  That is a pity because I'd just bought new ink cartridges, still unopened.  And that is even more a pity because those ink cartridges cost more than the hotsy-totsy new printer-copier-scanner that I bought yesterday!  I simply couldn't believe, although I was ecstatic, how the price of printers has dropped.  Unlike Steve, who felt that instructions were for wimps, to be used only as a last resort, I read every printed piece of paper that comes with anything new before I even remove the plastic protection.  (Everything comes wrapped in plastic; haven't manufacturers heard of going green?)  Following the instructions step by step, I got the new appliance plugged in and set up and then followed the on-screen directions to register the printer.  "What is the model serial number?"  How should I know?  It took a flashlight, a few contortions, and a long time to find the tiny tag well hidden in a slot on the back of the danged thing.  For someone who finds security holding a written manual in hand, it is disconcerting to learn that new electronics have on-line manuals (if you can find them!).  Ah well, it is what it is.  At risk of sounding like a Wise Guy, I'm connected.

While all this was going on in the late afternoon and I was surrounded by USB cords and CD-DVD disks, I glanced out the window and saw a gorgeous two-point buck and four does grazing under the clothesline just off the deck.  Chaos came to a halt as I went from window to window to get a better view of this handsome boy and his harem.  It's been quite awhile since I've seen so many deer together; the numbers have been fewer as the years go on and more people move into the area.  There's nothing like the peace that comes with seeing these beautiful animals.

I finished up with the computer-slash-printer saga and Bess and I got ready to put the kids to bed.  Opening the front door, there were the deer in the front yard.  Instead of bolting, they stood and looked at me and the dog.  "Go on.  It's time for you to go home now."  They stood there like yard art.  "You have to leave.  I have things to do."  They moved slowly over to the feed barn as if waiting for the buffet to open.  I wasn't sure what Bessie Anne would do, but I didn't want her racing after them.  I worry about her after the vet said she has an enlarged heart.  Leaving her crying behind the screen door, I walked out into the drive and actually had to clap my hands and speak harshly before the danged deer moved off down the hill and into the woods.  What's up with that?  I went back to get Bessie and she and I walked together in the fire-red sunset and the quiet that comes at dusk in the hills and tucked in chickens, goats, and sheep.  It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Ah, that made me smile. We are in parallel universes as I unpacked a new printer yesterday, but it will have to wait until there is time to go through what you did. And you ARE a Wise Guy, in the most laudable sense of the words. Kudos! And you wonder WHY the deer stayed there? They know (and I'm not joking) that your is indeed a sanctuary for God's creatures and I think that is just wonderful (especially if they don't eat your flowers and new trees!)