Saturday, March 23, 2013

Glorious Technicolor

Black, blue, purple, red, and the promise of green and yellow to follow.  The night of the last rain, slipping and sliding in the chicken pen as I shut the coop doors, my feet went out from under me and I landed hard, fortunately (or not) in relatively soft mud, etc.  I leave "etc." to the imagination.  Adding insult to injury, or injury to injury, bringing wood in to restock the fire, I tripped over Frank and stopped myself from falling again with a hand on the stove.  No serious results from either incident, just some bruises here and there, including a pretty spectacular bull's eye on my bum, and a slight burn on my palm.  A klutz, yes, but, boy, am I colorful!

The drive into town yesterday was also in glorious technicolor.  Up at the corner in Somerset, flowering quince are showing off their salmon-pink blossoms.  In Diamond Springs, plum trees lining the road have traded their lacy pink flowers for deep purple leaves and acacia trees are heavy with bright yellow fronds.  Throughout the drive, old apple trees where settlers might have lived are highlighted with white.  The hills are blanketed in green, growth spurred on by the rain followed by sunshine.  Still no dogwood, however.

The trip to town was initiated because I need new barn shoes.  I was trying to be proactive because the current pair is about ready to give up the ghost but has not yet sprung leaks.  Well, good luck with that because the store was out of that style.  Drat!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate shopping, period, and shopping for shoes worst of all.  Fortune smiled on me as my daughter called just at that time and said she would check the store in her neighborhood (gotta love cell phones!), saving me from having to try on something new.  Side note:  I was hiding back in the shoe department, almost whispering as I talked to Deb, and a young man with his phone to his ear walked by almost yelling.  People don't seem to realize that privacy on the phone is an illusion in public.

In this colorful world, the shoes I want are plain black.

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Kathryn said...

I do wish all the technicolor in your life was in nature or on your TV screen, but a bullseye-on-the-bum does make for a "colorful" blog!!