Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hip Chicks

One never knows what to expect when the WWOOFers come.  Although every experience with the travelers has been a good one for me, yesterday was the best.  Susan and Doreen are friends from the Vancouver, BC, area and this is their fourth WWOOFing trip.  Women in their sixties, they are up for every challenge and have such enthusiasm for life.  In Hawaii, they hacked their way through semi-jungle to clear land for someone's garden.  Milking goats must have seemed pretty tame after that, but they really enjoyed meeting the girls.  They got the hang of milking right away, laughing all the while.  There is such pleasure in sharing what one likes to do best.  We made a batch of chevre, and Susan took copious notes.  There was talk of Canada's regulations prohibiting the sale of raw milk (and owning guns of any kind).  The hummers obliged with an aerial performance while we had lunch.  It was a rainy day, a day for soup, fresh bread, and a fire in the wood stove.  I had thought to show them how to spin Poppy's wool using a drop spindle, but time flew by in conversation about books, family, and travel.  Doreen originally came from Scotland, emigrating to Canada in her twenties, and still has a lovely lilt in her speech.  She had lived some time in the Yukon wilderness.  Susan and her husband have plans to move someday to a small island in Canada.  They'd missed their chance to be hippies in the past; just goes to show it's never too late.

Landlocked and home-bound as I am now (by choice), I so admire these women for their adventuresome spirit and gaiety.  I appreciate that they took pleasure in everything Farview had to offer.  I miss them already.  It was a good day.