Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wait For It

"Wait your turn!"  This photo of the baby mouse next to the adult was taken one-handed with my phone and shot under the goat's belly while I was milking.  (The things I do for a picture.)  Since the adult is pretty darned little, it gives a good idea of just how tiny the baby is.

The drive into town yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.  Plum, almond, and peach trees were in bloom around every curve and hill, looking for all the world like the froth on strawberry and vanilla sodas (you have to be old enough to remember ice-cream sodas at the soda fountain to appreciate that simile).  Surprisingly, although my daffodils are blooming everywhere, the road to town was bare of those yellow bouquets.  I kept an eye out for the dogwoods, but no blossoms there either.  Since we're due for temps in the 70s, either I missed the blooms before the last snow or nature is going to pull a fast one this year and fool us all.

Fire in the wood stove crackling, good program on TV, cat in my lap last night.  That, naturally, is when Bessie Anne said she needed to go out for a walk.  Nooo, I don't want to go.  Of course, we did step out into the cold, dark night for a turn around the driveway.  I don't know which I like better, nights with a full moon glowing or frosty nights with no ambient light to dim the stars that seem to come closer to earth, glittering like diamonds.

Wait for I hear a whine coming?  Yes, it's that time of year again.  The clock said five o'clock, but my body knew it was only four in the morning.  I really wanted to turn over, go back to sleep and wait for "real time."  The rest of the day-slash-week will be spent trying to adjust one against the other.  Oh well, I'm awake now; might as well get a jump on the day.

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Kathryn said...

My two favorite spring experiences involved cherry trees - one was weeping and the other might have been regular, but in both, I got beneath the canopy of pink blossoms and looked up and it was like I was in a fairy tale for sure. Best "Ahhhh" moments of my life. I hope to recreate it again sometime!