Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Just Know

Sometimes you open your eyes and just know from the git-go that it's going to be a good day.  For the second time in three days I had a corned beef in the crock pot before daylight.  In my opinion, you can never have too much corned beef.  I was actually hoping for leftovers because I am looking forward to making Bubble and Squeak.  Milking went smoothly in spite of Inga's overfull bag (she'll never learn) and I finished in plenty of time to get back to the house before Deb and Craig drove up.

Bessie Anne greeted Deb with enthusiasm, but then firmly attached herself like a limpet to Craig.  She wangled her way into his lap, looked adoringly into his eyes and assured him that he was "the only one."  She's shameless.  (She'd told Clay the same exact thing.)  Pearl muttered a quick "hello" as she passed through the room before darting out the door.  She's polite, but somewhat antisocial.  Frank, on the other hand, pulled his "purr, rub, and pet me" routine on both Deb and Craig.  He has no gender preference; he's an equal-opportunity cat.

I had some kitchen chores to attend, and the Kids went outside.  Checking later, I discovered that they had the pole saw and were cutting all reachable mistletoe out of the oaks.  Mistletoe, that parasitic plant, had killed the oak over the goat barn, and it's been spreading to all the trees.  Anything to deter it is so helpful and I really appreciated Deb and Craig's work.

I watch a lot of cooking shows and had seen Chef Jacques Pepin make a dessert I'd been dying to try, Orange Souffle Crepes.  With company here, it seemed the perfect opportunity.  (I almost made them when Clay was here, but we got to talking and time slipped away.)  I had no recipe, but we watched the program and took notes.  Working together, we made the crepes and the souffle filling.  Deb is put the finishing touch on the baked crepes.
Sprinkled with a splash of orange liqueur, this dish smelled heavenly and tasted divine.

Good company and good food.  It was a good day, start to finish.  Some days, you just know.

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Kathryn said...

Awfully nice to put faces with names - especially ones that make you so happy. And yummy dessert, by the way!