Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bunny Trail

Peter Cottontail may have hopped down his path; I, on the other hand, am at a full gallop.  Once again, the family took a glance at the calendar to get an estimated date for Easter and picked today for our get-together.  We might as well throw darts at the darned thing for all the attention we pay to organized holidays.  It took the better part of a 1940s Greer Garson movie to peel several dozen Silkie eggs to devil yesterday.  They are tiny eggs with an amazingly hard shell and a larger-than-normal yolk, perfect for bite-sized deviled eggs, but a lot of work.  Having an abundance (make that "overabundance") of eggs, I also made an angel food cake.  Back in the day when eggs were dear and only the whites were needed, I'd drop the yolks into boiling water to use for egg salad.  Now I know I'll pick up close to a dozen again today; no shortage of eggs here!  Pinto, Dave's housemate, missed out on a birthday cake at Thanksgiving and I owe him one.  The angel food will go with the strawberries I'd frozen last season.  The dinner rolls I made unfortunately turned out like hockey pucks, over-baked due to my inattention because of an unexpected guest.  I may give them a second shot today, otherwise we'll do without and the chickens will have rolls to go with their scratch (cracked corn and other stuff).  In the midst of all the KP duties, I did...wait for it...dust!  (Do I hear the sound of applause?)  Misplaced holiday or not, the goats won't milk themselves and there's still more to be done before the Kids get here.

Happy Easter!

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Kathryn said...

Applause..Applause...APPLAUSE!! That is for dusting...making a homemade angel food cake (which I've never done nor never seen done, but have heard of)...AND FOR PEELING AND DEVILING ALL THOSE TINY EGGS. Have a yummy, hoppin' good time!