Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Antidote

Antidote:  that which relieves, prevents, or counteracts.  In other words, the cure for what ails ya.  Antidotes come in many forms.  My Kids learned early on never to say, "I'm bored," for they knew I had the cure for that.  It was called "work."  There's nothing like a dog by your side to help get through a sad time.  Like any good friend, words are simply not necessary when you're really down.  A simple case of the blahs can be cured with a good book.  Comfort food can fix darned near anything.  There are those who say the same thing about chocolate, but it's never done that much for me (except See's candy at Christmas, and then I'm out of control; the Kids' dad used to put it in his gun lock box and dole it out to me one piece a day).  Yesterday I spent ugly hours at the computer paying bills, but I found the perfect antidote.  I fired up the lawn tractor and rode around mowing a couple of yards, avoiding the patches of Baby blue eyes in the back yard, and trimming the grass[sic] along the goat pen and down by the road.  Sitting on the porch afterwards with Bess and a cold beer in the still-warm afternoon...well, it was a good day after all.

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Kathryn said...

Glad that the power of the mower was greater than the drag of the bills. But more important...whatsyer passion - mine is dark chocolate nuts and chews (no marzipan)! (For any of you readers unlucky enough to never have had See's Candy, that's an insider's code for favorite flavors!)