Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Wasn't Kidding

I've been known to embellish a story now and again, but I do not exaggerate.  After tamping down the dirt in one squirrel hole the night before, when I went to the little feed stall yesterday morning I found two new holes and a mountain of fresh dirt.  If these guys get organized, I'm in trouble!

I saw the first bluebird of the season yesterday; such pretty little birds with true blue backs and rosy breasts.  Plants on the deck were getting droopy and needed water, even though rain was predicted (it's here).  Sometimes even one day will make the difference between a live plant and a dead one.  It adds about an hour to the work schedule, but it's pleasant to walk about outside, doing something productive while essentially doing nothing.  I heard the Rod-RI-go bird crying for its lost mate again.  It has expanded its vocabulary and now calls, "Come back!  Come back, Rod-RI-go!"  Evidently all male quail are named Rodrigo and all are cads who love their ladies and leave them brokenhearted.

We've had a stretch of beautiful weather, warm days and cool nights.  Today, with the ladies arriving soon to learn to milk and make cheese, it's raining.  Of course it is.  Like washing the car (who still does that? must be flatlanders) or a visit from Dolly, watering plants will guarantee rain the next day.  I did it to myself.

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Kathryn said...

Too bad there is no "Almond Joy" with those "Mounds!" You DO have an active underground city, don't you?