Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Bit Of A Break

This morning photo yesterday is what a bit of a break looked like.  I was perfectly happy to settle for low, threatening clouds all day because the wind had stopped.  My worries always are for the trees when the ground is super-saturated.  It rained only twice, a smattering when I was unloading feed from the truck (of course) and then a real drenching when I put the kids to bed.

Camille wasn't so lucky.  When she went to check on her other property, she found a neighbor's tree had fallen, smashing through her fence and landing directly on a small barn/shed.  We agreed it could have been worse if it had landed on the house.

Rain began in earnest after nightfall, accompanied by the dadratted wind, and continues this morning.  So many areas in the valley and by rivers here in the foothills are at flood stage.  Even little Perry Creek had risen nearly up to the bridge and was roaring like a mill race when I crossed over to go to Mt. Aukum.  There's naught to do but batten the hatches, stoke the fire, and keep the fingers crossed.

Makes one appreciate a bit of a break.

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Kathryn Williams said...

All fingers and toes are crossed. Tinka said yesterday that her rain gauge (which is of the hi-tech National Weather Service type and provided by them...or something close) had registered 9 inches in the first 9 days of January! Thinking good thoughts!!