Monday, January 2, 2017

Coming Attractions

For more than fifty years, sometimes on, sometimes off, I've kept a journal.  It started when the Kids were little because I wanted to be able to look back on memories with some degree of accuracy.  I found it to be therapeutic at the same time, a way to purge when things went south and rejoice on happy occasions.  I've shelves of journals, written documentaries of my life, as it were.  Writing the blog has pretty much supplanted that project, but it has the same effect for me.  Yesterday I took time to bring forward birthdates and anniversaries from the old calendar to the new, a particularly pleasurable chore as I also record who came up on what occasion, surprise visits, alfalfa deliveries, etc.  It's my social calendar of sorts, and it's fun to look back and think, "It really was a good year."  (Or not.)  I look at the new calendar with its blank pages as an opportunity, ready to be filled with "life."

There was an opportunity to fill an empty spot yesterday when Dave texted to say he and some of the Freed Spirits were going to meet at Poor Red's and invited me to join them for lunch.  These guys have to be die-hard bikers to ride out on such a cold, misty-rainy day.  The time element prevented me from going.  As much as I would have loved seeing them all, it seemed more prudent to bring more firewood to the porch before the weather got any worse.  January 1 remained blank.  Sigh.

The temperature kept dropping all day and Stove had his work cut out.  The goats had their play yard to hide out in and the big door to the chicken coop remained closed.  Bessie's trips outside were brief and the cats lazed in front of the fire.

The long-promised (or threatened, depending on whether the Kids were coming up) snow arrived at o'dark-thirty this morning, the first snowfall of the year.  (Pictures tomorrow.)  I don't know what fluff-head moved the Rose Parade to January 2nd; whatever happened to tradition?  It "don't seem fittin'," and some people don't have Monday off.  I had time set aside yesterday...I may or may not watch it today.  Phffft!

I hope everyone's calendar gets filled with wondrous things, joyous times with family and friends.  Think of 2017 as a coming attraction!

It was a good day.

Addendum:  Kit was right...could not post this "issue" due to loss of satellite dishes for computer and TV.  Aarrgh!  It snowed steadily for nearly seven hours, but not much stuck (other than on the dishes).  The girls had to deal with my frigid fingers and the chickens took one look and said, "Oh hell no!  Not going out in that!"  Thanks for hanging in there, everybody.  Joys of country living, and all that.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Yes, figured you had lost connection.
Cold rain here ...lots of it in prediction
Guess this is what California needs

Keep that fire going and best wishes to all two and four foot friends there for a good new year.

Kathryn Williams said...

I had actually looked at the weather on my phone, and on the page with lists of the cities I have chosen, showed snow on the graphic early on. Then I got a call from Tinka in Fiddletown saying that she had snow, which I already knew, and that she didn't think she would get TV reception and she alerted me that the blog was not I did post that quick alert. And actually, the parade has never been on a Sunday, and this is the 15th time in the 128 years that "the exception to Jan. 1" rule has been used. I was SHOCKED the last time it happened, but then I learned, and that is why today is a holiday for most people who would normally have New Years Day off. Schools and lots of businesses start back up tomorrow...but of course there are a lot of stores and restaurants that are and would be open no matter what. Here's the reason...and it's all about horses...or was!!